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I consult and coach the healthcare professionals and teams who care for all of us.

It’s tempting for grown-ups to remember childhood as an idyllic time. Sometimes, we may think that since children don’t have to worry about paying the bills, keeping a job, cleaning the home, or keeping their family on schedule, they can’t possibly have any problems. Thinking along these lines is counterproductive because children do get stressed. And they need your help to cope.

Developmentally and emotionally, children and adolescents do not have the coping mechanisms born of experience and maturity that adults do. For this reason, seemingly small things can be very upsetting to them. So be patient and learn to…

Reduce stress and increase the retention of your experienced, top-notch healthcare team throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Who Is This For? Physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, technicians, every professional in your hospital who is working on the front lines throughout the Covid19 pandemic.

Why Is It Important?: There are four reasons to debrief your team. These include the following:

  1. Case Review: Debriefing helps your team process their feelings and emotions from the interactions they had with patients, families, and colleagues and the stress they may have related to the pandemic.
  2. Reduction of Stress, Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue: Reduction of Stress, Burnout, and…

Meet my Dad — Block Island, RI (2009) / S.A. Leys Photography

Many people across our country are now very familiar with the research on the Covid19 virus presently being investigated by Dr. Anthony Fauci and his team at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

I first became aware of Dr. Fauci and his team in 1992; my mom called at 6:00 am one morning and said: “your dad is in the hospital at the Brigham; get here when you can.” (I was living just outside of Amherst, MA at the time; it took me under an hour to get there).

It was one of those calls you never want to receive.

Mom and dad were sailing and had arrived in…

Teamwork is everything; This article is dedicated to all of the frontline teams who are working at hospitals across the country — thank you!

This article is for all of the frontline healthcare teams working at hospitals across the country — thank you!

I am blessed to have worked with top-notch leaders who frequently informed our team: “If you come to me with a problem, it would be helpful if you had an idea for a possible solution.” That’s how this article started.

As a healthcare professional, you know there’s stress, and then there’s traumatic stress. …

If you haven’t heard the term “Patient Experience” used in your local hospital or doctor’s office, you will. It’s a term used to describe your perspective of the care you receive throughout hospitals and healthcare systems and how professionals and teams can work collaboratively to provide optimal care for you and your family.

When establishing or continuing to develop patient experience programs, it’s not uncommon for hospitals to hire consulting groups to train and coach professionals on how to communicate more effectively in stressful, fast-paced healthcare environments or assist teams with developing the skills necessary to improve processes and relationships.

Susan Leys

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